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Where to start is the million dollar question? From where to buy backlinks?

The reason I say this is because this has been discussed and debated by so many people so many times that it seems futile to add anything new to what most people will be already knowing by now.

Nevertheless, I will stick my neck out and try to explain my knowledge of the same and perhaps do it differently both from the point of view of a layman as well as a seo consultant because I cannot claim to be an expert yet. The reason I say this is, after having served the industry for over 6 years, I can safely say with a certain degree of confidence – the more you come to know, the more you realise that it is the more that you do not know – that intrigues you and more often than not angers you. If only I knew the algorithm … if only. No prizes for guessing which algorithm I am talking about.

It all started with the arrival of an entity by the name of Google on the internet horizon little over a decade ago. And the rest as they say is history. Even before Google hit the scene there were Search Engines that gave results, like Yahoo for example, but the USER experience of such search results left a lot to be desired about.

Then came Google, with its unique and amazing algorithm for search results. The algorithm was light years ahead of what the competition was using. In no time it established itself as the numero uno of search engines. Till date Google does not focus much on advertisement. The reason is the success that it had with ‘word of mouth’ publicity in becoming the brand entity that it is. The phenomenon called GOOGLE was from word of mouth campaign and it seldom advertised its service. People used it and loved it and they recommended it to the ones that they knew, they in turn used it and loved and in turn they spread the same from word of mouth and it spread like a plague. In little over a year it became the number 1 in terms of Search engine overtaking Yahoo which was the then market leader and til date has not looked back. It still is the Number 1 Search engine in the world and the way things stand it does not look it will cede its monopoly any time sooner.

It took a leaf out of the success in ranking websites on its search results. Simple logic was if people like a product or service they advertise the  same product or services to their near and dear ones (off-line). Their circle of influence if we may add. Similar goes for websites. The idea was if a website is talking about another website (with links to it), then it must have value and that is how the concept of ranking a website came around on the basis of Links. Hence if you have a website it is imperative that you have link building service employed so that it benefits from the efforts to rank better on Google.

But like all other things there is catch. The Google bot or crawler or spider (can’t think we will get away if we had so many names and that too LEGAL) even though blind, since it is a command or algorithm, cannot be fooled easily. It has certain parameters on which it will judge:

1. whether to rank

2. how much to rank

3. This is interesting – if it is against the algo whether to demote or penalize and if yes how much to penalize

This is a closely guarded secret by Google, as everyone knows. For obvious reasons too. If I as a seo expert know the Google parameters, then there is no secret that all the sites that I want, I will rank them quickly on Page 1 of Google. In fact what will stop me from going the whole distance and ranking them on Page 1 Rank 1.

Before I explain further, I will take some time off in drafting the same (you know this is going to take some time, rather a lot of time) and posting it here for all to review …

Do not go away – I am not done yet. Visit this page in few days time.

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