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PPC or Pay per click or Google Adwords as it is more popularly known as. We have Adwords certified professionals who will create and manage your adwords account so that you can get on Page 1 of Search engines on Day 1.

This is an effective strategy if you wish to start generating revenue for your business immediately. If possible on day 1. SEO will not help you in this as it is a medium to long term strategy. For results to show in Search engines you need minimum 3 to 6 months of patience before results starts pouring in.

Adwords on the other hand will reap immediate dividends (if your wallet permits).

Our Adword certified professional will help in identifying the right keywords for the campaign, setting up the account and managing it on a daily basis. Billing is done on a monthly basis (prepaid at start of the month).

Even though you can start and Adwords campaign for as little as $10, but we DO NOT undertake or manage accounts with budget less than $1500 per month.

Our fees are;

Keyword research and account setup – $150 (one time)

Monthly fees – 15% of the budget of $250 (whichever is greater)

Currently we have professionals for Google, but soon we will be able to serve Yahoo and Bing as well. Facebook is another chapter we wish to explore and open in the very near future.